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Art Prospect

ART PROSPECT is a transnational network of independent arts organizations promoting the transformative power of the arts to address social and environmental issues and engage and empower local communities.  The Art Prospect Network Platform supports the professional arts community through research-based residencies for artists and curators, educational programs, and public art festivals.


The program is an initiative of CEC ArtsLink (New York).


ART PROSPECT promotes and supports the transformative power of the arts and artists to build a more equitable, environmentally sustainable, and just society.  


Art Prospect Network partners collaborate to design and implement sustainable, transnational projects that educate and empower artists and curators to challenge societal norms and work together with the local community to address social concerns and improve the urban environment.   Through a diverse program of international residencies, study visits, educational workshops, and public art festivals, ART PROSPECT facilitates dialogue between artists and arts organizations dedicated to community engagement and social change. 


Ambasada Kultury (Belarus/Germany)

Art and Creative Solutions Public Foundation (Kazakhstan, Almaty and Astana)

ArtEast (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

Bukhara Photo Gallery (Bukhara, Uzbekistan)

The Ilkhom Center for Contemporary Arts (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Oberliht Association (Chisinau, Moldova)

Open Place - Platform for Interdisciplinary Practice (Ukraine/Poland)

Salaam Cinema (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Silk Museum (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Structura Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Suburb Platform (Yerevan, Armenia)


CEC ArtsLink advocates and supports transnational cultural mobility and collaboration, empowering artists and arts leaders to engage communities in dialogue and creative projects for a more equitable, compassionate, and sustainable world. We resolutely embrace inclusivity, independent expression, human rights, and the development of civil societies.


CEC ArtsLink supports dialogue between artists and communities through individual encounters, public events, transnational networks, and virtual platforms. Founded in 1962, CEC ArtsLink believed that it was essential for citizens of the United States and the Soviet Union to meet and build mutual trust, while their governments engaged in the Cold War. Today, artists and arts leaders play a vital role in nurturing civil societies. Through the simple act of bringing people together in a shared experience, through exploration of the unfamiliar, art can dissolve borders and help communities overcome distrust and insularity. As nations increasingly retreat behind their borders, it becomes imperative for the work of artists and arts leaders to catalyze communities in mitigating conflict and prejudice locally, nationally, and globally.

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