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The Second International Public Art Festival Art Prospect opened in St. Petersburg on September 12, 2013. For four days, Liteiny Prospect and the surrounding area showcased the original work of fifteen artists and art collectives from Russia, the Netherlands and the United States responding to the theme “the Artist as Urban Gardener.” Using various art forms, including collage, sculpture, video, and performance, the artists transformed Liteiny Prospect into an interactive space for creative dialogue with residents about the urban environment.  The Festival’s theme aimed to mobilize local artists, organizations, and residents to participate in the shaping of their public space, to think creatively about how to make the urban environment greener and environmentally sustainable, and to consider the relationship between what we consume and how it is created.


As a part of the cultural program of NLRF2013, a yearlong celebration of relations between the Netherlands and Russia, the Dutch creative collective Cascoland in collaboration with Pink Pony Express created a site specific work for Art Prospect. A collective of artists, architects, designers and performers, Cascoland worked with local residents to build and present the installation “Mobile Plant Sanatorium.”


In addition to Dutch artists, the U.S. artist Jason Eppink and twelve Russian artists and arts collectives participated in the 2nd Art Prospect Festival: Ludmila Belova, Petr Belyi, Alexander Gart, Maria Godovannaya, the international theatre group “Light People,” Alexander Morozov, group “Pprofessors,” Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, Stas Bags, art group “Y,” and Petr Shvetsov.


Art Prospect’s educational program included a panel presentation by participating artists and a workshop “Solar Projections” by New York based artist Jason Eppink at New Holland. 

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