The project by Valentina Petrova is a four-day trial of oneself being the city and the city being oneself. The artist strives with the help of prolonged physical movement to expose the limitations and closedness of a space (though in reality you can walk all of Podil in 3-4 hours), which through gentrification seems large and always full. Avoiding entertainment spots, not consuming, and focusing completely on constant (except for necessary stops) movement will show us to what extent a place can be a cage when its romanticism derives largely from liberal-capitalist practices and installations. The trip will start at midnight on September 27 with a stop to meet the audience at Podil station on Saturday, September 29 at 14:00, where Valentina Petrova will have a talk with Nadia Chushak.


Valentina Petrova is an artist, anarcho-feminist, co-founder and participant of the musical-political group Closer to the People (2013), Concrete Dates Collective (2015), fem-punk rock group The Rich Also Cry (2016), Obscene Language Modernization Institute (2017). The main themes of the artist work are labor, poverty and violence. She explores social boundaries and strives for objectivity in artistic expression. Individual projects: Stylish Fine Dinner, VCRC (2016); The Play, Kyiv Biennial (2017).