Ads of good hope will appear on Verkhnii and Nyzhnii Val streets. By their content, they indicate conveniences, pleasures and necessities that these streets still lack. Formally they are pavement stencils – a subgroup of unauthorized advertising popular because the tricky space requires you to always look under your feet. But they are also road signs in the literal sense, which, unlike ads, point to opportunities for all participants of movement along a certain section of a route.

Ads of good hope on an ordinary road become signs of non-existent bliss, and through further disappointment from unfulfilled promises attack the adequacy of existing streets.

Yana Bachynska has a master’s degree in philosophy from Taras Shevchenko University and is now getting a second degree at the art academy in Poland. She wanders through places and texts, responding occasionally through videos, drawings, objects, actions.