(St. Petersburg, Russia)

Moth education

Alina Kugush presents the performance Moth Education, the next piece in a series of works about mistake insects.

Alina previously created a video work titled House of Bugs, a gallery of drag portraits of bugs that changed the course of history, as well as Fly Round, a solo show about the museum moth’s stages of rebirth (PRO ARTE Foundation). Moth Education is in a new genre for the artist, that of a solo performance where the viewer is alone with her 12 minutes.

A butterfly caught in a time loop.

An empty, dark classroom.

You find yourself in a class. Entomology class.


Sound by Gleb Golitsyn



Alina Kugush works in drawing, installation, and performance. She is a member of SADPPS-7, the North-7 collective’s School of Active Drawing and Performative Posing. Kugush has shown work at Sam Fair, group exhibitions at NAMEGALLERY and Peresvetov Gallery, and interdisciplinary shows in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Bishkek. She studied Fine Arts at the Herzen State Pedagogical University (2012–14) and Drawing and Printmaking at the Repin St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (2014–18). Kugush graduated from the PRO ARTE Foundation’s School for Young Artists in 2021. In 2021, she presented a solo exhibition, Fly Round, at Peter and Paul Fortress with PRO ARTE Foundation, as well as Vanishing Points, a two-person show with Alexander Veryovkin at Myth Gallery. She is based in St. Petersburg.