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Anna Bolsunovskaya

*deconstruction of unity

This room filled with shards of mirrors evokes the deconstruction or reassembly of the unitary. They are shards of our memory, our history, our community. They are something that was whole/shared, but has broken down over time. We can observe the polyphony of the broken parts and glimpse new forms of unity in them.

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Anna Bolsunovskaya grew up in Krasnoyarsk and spent her formative years in Novosibirsk (where she dropped out of the Costume Design program at the Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts in her third year, fed up with the out-of-date and invalid knowledge/practices/relationships offered there). Thankfully, in St. Petersburg, she has discovered like-minded people and helped form an independent interdisciplinary association founded on cooperating, sharing experience, and healthy escapism. The association has gone through and is still going through irreversible metamorphoses with other people, circumstances, and names. Bosunovskaya has been living in St. Petersburg since February 2021, immersing herself in her individual practice, which is largely focused on studying the body. She is discovering herself through various movement-based practices (contemporary dance, performance art, yoga), video (documenting her practice using field recordings), and sculpture/installation (mirrors, plaster, silicone, sticks, and stones). Since moving there, she has been in the process of getting to know local creators/places. The School of Engaged Art, where she is a student, is currently helping with this. In the process, she is trying to figure out how to transpose individual practice into shared practice and how to build a collective body and share experience, or a lack thereof, when needed.