In 2020, the 7th International Public Art Festival Art Prospect simultaneously brings together 23 cities and 13 countries in an online-offline format. The festival showcases augmented reality works at the Ivan Gaza Palace of Culture (St. Petersburg), as well as interventions viewable both online and offline. This new format allows us to host scheduled events despite the COVID-19 pandemic by abiding by safety guidelines, and to significantly expand the festival audience. Art Prospect’s theme for 2020 is Treasure Hunt. Treasure is a metaphor for a “new age,” for our artists’ emotions and experiences while isolated and their interpretation of the boundaries between public and private.

During the festival dates (October 15–18, 2020), residents in each of the participating artists’ cities will be able to see in person works (interventions) that the artists have created in their own public/visible yet private zones – balconies, windows, yards and courtyards – or while socially distancing (on bridges, at intersections, in the mountains). All the projects can also be viewed on the Art Prospect website, www.artprospect.org and on Instagram streams (@art_prospect) beginning on October 15.


Augmented reality works (video, animation, sound art) can be viewed in St. Petersburg from October 15–18 onsite at the Ivan Gaza Palace of Culture (72 Stachek Avenue).  These works can be seen using a mobile phone camera and our official app. The app is currently only available in Russian for download in the Russian Google Play Store and App Store.


Art Prospect Festival On-line Public Discussions

Zoom events will be live streamed at www.cecartslink.org.

To participate in the question and answer sessions, please register for the events at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/artslink-assembly-2020-radical-hospitality-october-12-november-13-tickets-122581413307


October 15 11:00–12:30 EST

Inside Out:  ART PROSPECT 2020.  How social distancing, COVID-19 and digital technology are changing our understanding of public space

Moderator: Kendal Henry (USA)

Participants: Art Prospect artists from St. Petersburg (Russia), Yekaterinburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), San Francisco (CA)


October 16 11:00–12:30 EST

Presentation of the publication “Miracle or Misunderstanding: socially engaged art in the countries of the ART PROSPECT network.  Field reports from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine”
Publisher: CEC ArtsLink, New York (USA), St. Petersburg (Russia)

Moderator: Viktor Misiano (Russia/Italy)

Artists’ projects will be available online from October 15, 2020 00:01 am (GMT+3). Before the official ART PROSPECT online release, you can explore six artists’ projects that are published as the festival teasers below.

Qafar Rzaev
Luisa Caldwell
Terry S. Hardy
Diana U
Alexandra Melnikova
Galina Yaptik