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Alena Abitova and Begimai Zamirbek kyzy


Chess Recycling

Papier-mâche sculptures reinforced with cement and plaster, Altyn Kazyk

Alena Abitova’s work uses found materials to create new sculptures. For the last several years, Altyn Kazyk’s Library of Saved Books has hosted chess practice for children. They are now being taught by three-time Kyrgyz chess champion Begimai Zamirbek kyzy, who is training them to become champions. Inspired by the childrens’ pursuit, Alena decided to create a huge, open-air chess set for them. During the festival, Begimai Zamirbek kyzy and her students will play several rounds of chess on this new board.


Alena Abitova is an artist and interior designer from Bishkek. Her practice involves creating interior decor using plaster and epoxy resin. Abitova made her socially-engaged art debut in 2021 showing work at the Trash-3: Ecology + Art festival in Altyn Kazyk.

Photo by Roman Tretiakov

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