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Anna Martynenko

Black Kite Nest

Communal artwork and installation          

Kites have made their homes at this trash dump. Recently, this migratory bird species has even been spotted around the trash dump during the winter months, though they do not normally spend the winter in Bishkek. The reason: the landfill provides the birds with food all year long.

Kites have the same problems as humans: there aren't enough good nesting spots for everyone. That's why the strongest birds make a name for themselves by decorating their nests with scraps of fabric and plastic.

Nest decorating is a way for birds to mark their territory and assert their strength. Here, the artist invites residents of the Altyn Kazyk settlement to build a nest, decorating it with garbage, and installing it in downtown Bishkek's Oak Park.


Anna Martynenko is a multidisciplinary artist working mainly with the city, its sounds and tactility. Her practice seeks perspectives on exploring the environment that bring the city closer to humans and re-read it as nature. Martynenko creates assemblages and installations as well as site-specific, public, and socially engaged art projects.

Photos by Ermek Jaenisch
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