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Dmitry Petrovsky (DOXA artist collective)

Shoal of Fish

Trash installation, Altyn-Kazyk

As kids, my friends and I went fishing in the Ala-Archa reservoir. There were fields around, plenty of trees, and no houses, no roads, and certainly not any trash. The water was home to many fish and aquatic birds.


Today, there are almost no fish in the lake—and if there are, they’re surely inedible. The banks of the reservoir and the neighborhood are full of trash and plastic bottles. The former scenery is now only a memory.


This installation depicts a school of fish in perspective, swimming over the reservoir. The fish, which were made of plastic bottles found in the area, symbolize the disappearance of fish in the reservoir and the increase in trash.


Dmitry Petrovsky is a member of the artist collective DOXA whose practice includes street art and mural painting. Recently, Petrovsky has expanded into three dimensions, creating sculptures and installations.

Photos by Ermek Jaenisch
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