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Notable sculptures and fountains in Oak Park will be symbolically teleported to the village.  The trash will be symbolically teleported to beautiful Oak Park.

Two signs, one in the center of Bishkek, the other in the trash mound. The one in the trash mound shows the beautiful “touristic” view of Bishkek, the one in the center shows a view of the trash mound. 


Ellen Harvey is a British-born conceptual artist whose work ranges from guerrilla street interventions to immersive institutional installations to large-scale public artworks. Her work challenges the way we look at traditional iconography through surprising installations and projects that call attention to the personal, social, or physical conditions under which we understand and view images. She frequently pairs traditional representational vocabularies and genres (landscape, portraiture) with seemingly antithetical postmodern strategies, such as institutional critique, appropriation, mapping and pastiche. 

Photos by Ermek Jaenisch

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