Babuskas is a research project that takes the form of a dialogue between artist Natalya Tikhonova and members of the Petrograd Neighborhood Council of Veterans. The project includes public and closed meetings where participants discuss the work of artists who work with participatory, socially-engaged practices (Jeremy Deller, Oliafur Elliason, etc.). Is it possible to overcome the barrier between generations? To what extent are contemporary art and an introduction to contemporary sculptural language capable of blurring social boundaries? The results of the project will take the form of a video installation made up of fragments of the discussions that take place.

Team of the project

Audio, video, montage: Nadya Gorokhova

Audio decryption: Marina Russkih

Video: Demyan Nezhdanov

Design: Natalia Trembovetskaya

Curator, «artist»: Natalya Tikhonova

Natalya Tikhonova is an artist from Nizhny Novgorod. She graduated from Lobachevsky State University of Nizny Novgorod with a major in Applied Physics, the Roerich St. Petersburg Art School and the Pro Arte School for Young Artists and is currenly enrolled in Smolny Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Tikhonova’s body of work explores unstable forms of art, borderline states, and non-artistic methods of analysis. 

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