2017 Baku


The Art Prospect called ​«Urban Olum» took place in Baku's Bayil District (Azerbaijan).

«Urban Olum» is inspired by the Azerbaijani phrase «Qurban Olum» that signifies a person who is willing to sacrifice everything to reach his goal. With this in mind, the Festival strives to stimulate local residents to participate in shaping their neighborhood and its public life. In the long-term, the Festival aim to encourage Baku residents to be more engaged in the transformation of public spaces through public lectures about the experience of the Festival held in Bayıl.


During two weeks, four local and three foreign artists have been working with the Bayıl community and municipality to create a variety of installations in different locations.


The Urban Olum Festival is organized by Pillə platform in collaboration with CEC ArtsLink as part of the Platform Art Prospect project.