Typography Center for Contemporary Art

Krasnodar, Russia


In Krasnodar, where the members of this artist collective live, the only cultural center that consistently supports and promotes contemporary art is Typography Center for Contemporary Art. The center is currently housed in a former factory cafeteria building, a space that has now been “renovated, modernized, and culturized.” The artists say that they liked this transformation, “because most of the houses of culture and cultural centers in Russia have gone the opposite way: they turned into half-ruined marketplaces for fur coats, hats, and Russian-made fabric, cafeterias, grocery stores, stuff like that.”

The artists use the familiar and beloved imagery of cafeteria dishes and cafeteria life to tell the story of Typography’s building and bring in even more visitors.




HK Businki is a group of three women artists—Julia Shafarostova, Ira Afanasyeva, and Katrin Kovalenok. The collective came into being in spring 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the whole world had come to a halt and gone into quarantine. It works in installations, drawing, and sculpture, promoting, sacralizing, and expanding on mundane and unimportant topics. The artists are based in Krasnodar and are currently in residence at Typography Center for Contemporary Art. They graduated from the artist-run Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art in 2018.