In big cities, the individualism that is typical of urban life often devolves into full-flung loneliness. Thanks to technology, people’s ways of interacting have also changed; life happens on social media. But one thing remains constant—people love to eat together and chat over tea in the kitchen. This is why we created a mobile bike-kitchen for extra interesting and warm conversations. Mobile teas catalyzed the development of good-neighborly relationships, saving us from loneliness and offering happiness in human connection.


Starting in the middle of August, through September and the festival dates, the mobile kitchen rode through the courtyards of Posadsky District. We met city dwellers, drank tea together, and exchanged contact information. On the fourth day of the festival, we organized a potluck in the communal kitchen where all the tea guests could bring food to share with their neighbors.


Olya Mnishko is an urban activist and community facilitator, and the founder and mastermind behind the projects Bikeification and Right to Water, the festivals Live Streets, Your Courtyard, and Your Water, and the research project Friends of the Karpovka River Embankment. She works with public projects and specializes in engaging communities and developing a human-friendly urban environment.