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We, the Art Prospect Network, arts organizations, artists, and curators in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, the United States, and Uzbekistan are heartbroken by the destruction of lives, communities, and culture in Ukraine. We condemn this criminal war of Russian aggression against Ukraine and stand firmly with those who seek peace and freedom.

Our Network supports transnational exchange and collaboration between artists and communities around the world. Today the need for an open dialogue and support for those fighting against aggression and violence has never been stronger. We call upon our colleagues to speak out against this violence and to support our friends, peers, and their families fighting for their homeland and freedom.   

This is a time for inclusion – a time to bring people committed to equity, peace, and freedom together to fight a common enemy. Let us stand together as people who share this commitment and demand an end to the war of Russia against Ukraine. We cannot continue life as usual. It is time to speak out, act, and strengthen our bonds and alliances with each other.

Our Network remains committed to supporting our peers in the arts community. We have created a list of resources for the Ukrainian arts community as well as everyone who is at risk and gathered antiwar open letters which you can find below. Please contact us to share additional resources.  Many of our partners are offering refuge to Ukrainian artists and we continue to seek new opportunities to support those in need. We ask you to support our Ukrainian friends in any way you can.

Signed by 
Ambasada Kultury, Belarus / Germany
Art and Creative Solutions Public Foundation, Kazakhstan
ArtEast, Kyrgyzstan
Bukhara Photo Gallery, Uzbekistan
Dushanbe ArtGround / Sanati Muosir, Tajikistan
Oberliht, Moldova
Salaam Cinema, Azerbaijan
Silk Museum, Georgia
Structura Gallery, Bulgaria
Suburb Platform, Armenia
The Ilkhom Center for Contemporary Arts, Uzbekistan
CEC ArtsLink, USA

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