Program of Art Prospect Events Hosted by Ivan Gaza House of Culture Residents


FixFly.ru, a drone and remote-control vehicle shop, is planning a screening of drone footage of St. Petersburg.

September 26, 12–2 pm


The Improv Drama Theater builds on the unique acting method of theater director and teacher Nikolai Demidov. Their actors relive the plays each night as if for the first time, establishing their on-stage relationships anew and truly bringing the productions to life and into viewers’ hearts. IDT actors Andrey Petrov and Ekaterina Balashova will lead a workshop titled “Theater Games for All.” The 1.5-hour session will introduce visitors to the concept of live improvisation.

September 25, 5 pm


Aurora is a children’s film studio that has been active in St. Petersburg for the past 11 years. During the festival, the school’s Project Coordinator, Irina Mityushkina,* will be shooting a short film, “Simple Truths,” with anyone who wishes to volunteer. “Simple Truths” is part of a series of short films about children and teens’ problems today planned by Aurora’s acting school. The studio on YouTube

*Irina Mityushkina is a screenwriter, educator, director, and film and theater actor. She works at Komedianty Theater.
September 26, 1–3 pm


Crystal Atelier creates costumes for all genres of dance and sports, as well as wedding and evening wear. They’ve sewn miles of amazing fabrics and glued and sewed on thousands of sparkling rhinestones.

Open House: September 24, 5–8 pm

No more than 4 visitors at once


ABVGDeika Early Learning Studio offers comprehensive elementary school preparation for children. The studio’s teachers will hold special mental arithmetic classes for children 6–8 years old. Mental math strengthens memory, focus, quick calculation, mental speed, and brain hemisphere coordination.

September 25, 5 pm and 6 pm


Alexander Feldman is a professional guitar player and teacher with a degree from the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory. His music school offers guitar, ukulele, voice, piano, and music theory lessons for adults and children. Alexander and his fellow teachers will hold a public guitar and ukulele lesson.

September 26, 3–4 pm


Spasibo is an organization based on social entrepreneurship. Spasibo collects clothes from city residents through a network of bins, then distributes them to charitable organizations and helps locals in need obtain clothing. Some of the clothes are sold, with proceeds going to cover the organization’s expenses and development. Profits go to finance its welfare initiatives and support charities around the city. At the festival, you can get an inside view of the sorting center’s operations, as well as join the Community Garden Working Group for a workshop printing cyanotypes of garden plants on t-shirts from the sorting center.

September 25, 3­–4 pm: tour

September 26, 3–4 pm: workshop


8. Osobenno, Russian for “special,” creates ceramics that convey uniqueness, singular shapes, and everyday routines transformed into rituals. During the festival, all are welcome to drop by, ask questions, chat, browse, and maybe even pick out a piece for yourself or a friend. Workshop sign-ups will also be open.


Elizaveta Levina’s tattoo parlor offers both realistic and mini tattoos. A temporary tattoo station featuring her designs will be set up during the festival.


Nart Ensemble is an Adyghe dance company established in May 2016 that has won awards at local and international festivals. The creative team is made up of adults and children ages four and up of various ethnic backgrounds and levels of athletic ability. During the festival, the ensemble will host an Adyghe folk dance workshop.

September 25, 12–1 pm