(Brooklyn, New York, USA)


Underdeveloped and untested by U.S. absurdity theorist, Ed Woodham's Red String Theory (RST) is a phenomenon that is unexplainable. His poetic displays of crimson jute are minimalist manifestations representing other dimensional occurrences beyond the comprehensible – happening at the same time. Although not proven nor falsified, RST has voluminous features, which give it great appeal to many theorists. Woodham uses a red string as a simple model of his formula to illustrate “being stuck” in a third dimension while parallel realities exist simultaneously connected by the particles of a single dimension. His theory states: One cannot predict the events of multi-dimensional particle interactions in a relative space and time continuum. In classic string theory, one can only decide the strand of connectivity between undeterminable particles. Instead of the five strings of the 1980s, I have given a name to the unknown – a single strand which I call red string. In a deeper level of understanding that includes super symmetry and quantum gravity, RST proposes that each of us has a spiritual connection capable of shifting seamlessly into a parallel dimension of a unified favorable destiny.

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Ed Woodham has been active in community art, education, and civic interventions across media and culture for over thirty-five years. A visual and performance artist, curator, and educator, Woodham employs humor, irony, subtle detournement, and a striking visual style in order to encourage greater consideration of – and provoke deeper critical engagement with – the private and public environment. Woodham created Art in Odd Places (AiOP) to present visual and performance art to celebrate the importance of public spaces in New York City and beyond. AiOP has been produced in many cities in the U.S.; as well as St Petersburg, Russia, and Sydney, Australia.