On June 1-3 in Baku in El Viento Art&Crafts Cafe took place the exhibition "Gidjavar" prepared by participants of Art Prospect Residency Program. 

“One has to love pedestrians. Pedestrians make up the biggest part of mankind. And on top of that: its best part. Pedestrians created the world….. One has to notice that the car was also invented by pedestrians. However, drivers immediately forgot this. They began to crush meek and wise pedestrians. The streets, created by pedestrians, came under the control of the drivers. Carriageways became twice as wide, sidewalks narrowed to the size of a tobacco wrapper. Pedestrians began to press themselves frightened against the walls of houses.” 
Ilf and Petrov “The Golden Calf”, 1931. 

Works of contemporary artists Oleksander Ieltsyn (Ukraine) and Koka Vashakidze (Georgia) are focuced on the topic of how art can address diverse issues of pedestrians. 


Organizer: Atelier PİLLƏ (Baku, Azerbaijan)


The PILLƏ architecture studio was founded in November 2015.

The team continually conducts architectural research and works on different topics related to architectural practice. As an architectural organization PILLƏ aims to become an alternative local platform, which examines critical architectural and urban problems and seeks optimal solutions for them.  In addition, the team organizes discussions, writes proposals, prepares presentations, exhibitions, and coordinates workshops.