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1/08 — 28/08

Sergei Kravchenko is an architect, columnist, and musician. His projects combine local semantics with contemporary approaches to design. He writes the column “How to Love It” (“Kak eto lyubit”), a series of guides to Belarusian cultural heritage sites, for, and has authored a series of articles on Belarusian company towns. Kravchenko is a cofounder, co-organizer, and architect for the Sprava Festival (Belarus). He is one of the avant-garde trio of artists Port Mone and part of the group Hutkasmachnaa, which has created several public art objects and carried out artistic interventions in Minsk.


Artist and architect Andrei Busel combines his architectural work with artistic interventions into urban space. He has participated in various group exhibitions and street art festivals in Belarus, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, and Lithuania.

During their residency, Hutkasmachnaa created a serious of objects in urban spaces. The group worked with all sorts of provisional textures—mirrors, photographs, natural materials, found objects and furniture, stencils, text, etc. Over the course of the project, the artists also worked with local media.


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