Food for Thought is a mural that Stas Bags and Misha Wert159 made based on conversations with Petrograd Side residents. The project is a continuation of Stas Bags’ series of works for Art Prospect in 2014 and 2016, and it shows graffiti’s ability to be an instrument of social dialogue.


Stas Bags is a St. Petersburg artist who works with a variety of media, including sculpture, objects, installations, and painting. His Bachelor’s degree is in Anatomy and Physiology. He is a graduate of the Pro Arte School for Young Artists. Bags has participated in the I and II Moscow Biennales of Young Art and in group shows in Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Finland, France, and South Korea. He has been nominated for the Kandinsky Prize and the Kuryokhin Prize.


Mikhail Uteev (Wert159) is a Vladivostok native and grafitti artist well-known in Russia and Europe. He studied architecture in New Zealand. His work in the style of post-graffiti lead him on a path from classic street art to world recognition. His work has been shown in many exhibits and street art festivals in Russia and abroad, and he holds a Guinness World Record.