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galya horosheva

what is care

what is care is an installation whose leitmotif is cross-stitching on the damaged walls of one of the rooms in the Gaza House of Culture. Using perforated wall paneling as a canvas, the artist is either naively trying to mend the dents in the wall in a fragile act of care, or she is an invader projecting human notions of the body onto this material. Anyone can join in reflecting on the meaning of care—to do so, simply share your thoughts on one of the cards around the space.



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galya horosheva is a student at the Chto Delat Vocational Studios of Engaged Art and a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Music major) who practices art and music. She has attended the workshops 25 Lines and Sound Relief. horosheva and Katya Kipyatkova (as the ONI ZHGUT collective) have explored the properties and meanings of rope through rope-based practices, as well as holding a queer performative banquet for the Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity. horosheva has worked with a creative collective of artists working in the service sector, showing work at its exhibit Servants Sector in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Her interests span vulnerability, weak statements, urban textures and amateur sculptures built by apartment building residents in their courtyards, new musicology, queerness, noise as music, field recording, the body, new media, slowing down, and stopping.