How to Live Together is an experiment based on a collective reading of the eponymous text by Roland Barthes with the residents of the House of Political Prisoners. The project challenges traditional understandings of reading, hospitality, and public and private space. The interventions and reading groups that the artists will organize in the commune building will touch on the political, material, and physical consequences of collective reading.


The project proposes a rethinking of Barthes’ idea of the collective idiorrhythmic life and the utopia of living together, and a rewriting of the original text.


The project resulted in the publication of a collection of texts to be deposited in the collection of the library of the House of Political Prisoners.


Khud.Kruzhok (Artistic Study Group) is an association of artists, theorists, and curators founded with the goal of collectively researching the possibility of forming community through interaction with a place (and in a place) — both with a real geographical and social phenomenon, and with the imaginary, virtual space of a screen or text. The collective’s members are interested in the problematics and ambiguities of participatory art and its documentation, as well as in the practice of collective reading and work with reading groups.