The site-specific project I Love You / Six Gaps is a meditation on the personal in public spaces. The project takes the form of an installation made of old textiles: home curtains, clothes, and other personal possessions of local residents. By placing these fabrics in the gaps between garages, the artist prompts us to see the emerging structures as architectural elements that “unveil” the personal in public space.


Charlotte Thrane lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In her sculptural work Charlotte tries to create structures that speak directly to the body and to the senses, much like the people or the things that surround us. With the process in focus, selected materials are appropriated through physical activities such as bleaching, dyeing, cutting, stretching, folding, binding and sewing. The work therefore functions as a form of registration of these bodily actions, as well as the materiality, temporality and changeability that are basic conditions for our existence.