(St. Petersburg, Russia)

Assemblage Point

The “assemblage point” is a fundamental concept in the work of esoteric thinker Carlos Castaneda. The assemblage point is expressed as a luminous point on conscious beings’ cocoons. Slightly shifting it results in a change of perspective on the familiar world. A significant shift results in entering one of the other worlds. This performance opens up a space of possibility where there is room for transformation and experimentation. Assemblage Point invites viewers to shift their luminous points visually and mentally. Then, perhaps, all of us will be transported to another world—the world of the past, ready to share its deepest secrets with us.



Inna Kulazhenkova is a psychologist whose emanations include a performance artist, teacher, and educational consultant in the field of applied socially engaged art. She is a graduate of St. Petersburg State University, where she studied Psychology, and holds an M.Ed. in Art Education from ArtEZ University of the Arts, the Netherlands. Kulazhenkova has organized and shown work in international stage productions, site-specific performances, and sociocultural projects in countries including Estonia, Denmark, the Netherlands, and India. She relies on art’s irrefutable power and multifaceted range of tools to bring about transformations in the social sphere and far beyond.