Podil is usually recognizable from the first shot: Khoryva, the statue of Skovoroda, Andriyivsky Uzviz. Its architecture dissolves in the city and goes well with the local residents, sellers at Zhytny market and students. But who knows, maybe because of all the traffic and smog we’re looking at Podil with “blurry” eyes and aren’t noticing in it something important? The view becomes more acute during long walks when you get to know the city with your own body. When you feel its stuffiness and drafts of endless crosswalks, manoeuvre broken stairs, notice interesting joints and seams between times, the journey from the transient luxury of old tenement buildings to the epoch of plastic trading kiosks. A long walk with a camera is an opportunity for understanding the language of random situations, dialogues between people and the city. Eltaj Zeynalov studies modern Podil and its archival photos to understand what it will become in the archive of the future. 


Eltaj Zeynalov is an Azerbaijani artist and photographer. He started as an amateur photographer and now has several international and national awards. He works with social issues, including photographing people with disabilities.