Magazine (Not) for Kids is a hybrid/a pantomime journal/a fast zine created by Anastasya Kizilova and designer Ksenia Belaya together with local residents and Art Prospect guests. The project took the form of workshops for children and their parents, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, neighbors, and friends. 


Download the magazine (.pdf)

The Architecture of Soft Corners

We  studied the space of a playground and enhanced it with textiles so that people of different ages could comfortably play, work, and rest there.

Workshop length: 45 minutes

Age: 7+


Imaginary Alphabet

An imaginary alphabet helped us gather enough letters to make the magazine. We accepted all letters, even made-up ones!

Workshop length: 45 minutes

Age: 4+


How to Make a Zine

A workshop on making your very own magazine (or “zine” for short).

Workshop length: 45 minutes

Age: 7+



How can we turn one thing into another? What can we make out of disposable bottles, candy wrappers, or juice boxes?

Workshop length: 45 minutes

Age: 8+


Anastasya Kizilova is an artist whose approach involves creating a space for research that is open to interaction and dialogue. In her projects, Kizilova strives to initiate processes with no endpoint, to begin conversations capable of surviving without her, and to explore the limits of both the art community and humanity itself (for example, through a reading group in which plants participate).