(Saint Petersburg, Russia)



The treasure where is it underfoot or overhead where does it hover dwell how do you find it where should you go and with whom what do you say to find it and how do you know you (all) didn’t pass it by how do you remember what you were looking for why you were walking and who you were with when I enjoyed the process itself when there’s no final product when you’re by and yourself and together and you (all) go back and forth the question is why don’t you (all) ask and you just walk and you all just walk

I’m Going Looking rethinks the traditional urban audio tour, inviting participants to take a lone walk, in company. The walk is set in Kirov District, where Korochkin, like Hansel scattering breadcrumbs, has laid a barely noticeable path to get you started. As you explore uncharted or long-familiar urban areas, you will be accompanied by audio documentation of a conversation among a group of people who have set off on treasure hunts of their own alongside you.


The audio guide is available below. Press play or download the file and follow the path marked on the map.

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Matvey Korochkin was born in the small town of Mstyora, Vladimir Region. He studied Iconography at the Mstyora Art School, graduating in 2012, and Metalworking at the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, graduating in 2020. He is currently enrolled in the Pro Arte School for Young Artists. Korochkin works in land art, installation, and performance, generating situations and conditions around people, using them as an instrument and object of investigation. He also explores the nature of the body and the link between the physical and the emotional. Korochkin is based in St. Petersburg.