Neighborhood Catering Peep Show is a performance that pops up on the festival grounds. Neighbors and festivalgoers are invited to take advantage of a special catering setup by sticking their heads and hands into a strange construction, inside of which is a banquet table. The artist serves the guests as well as entertaining them. This is meant to resemble the assemblée, a precursor to Western-style balls that Peter I forced reluctant Russian nobles to participate in; it was a stately but often scandalous form of entertainment with food and plenty of alcohol.


The Petrograd Side was the starting point of St. Petersburg’s history, and such events likely took place here. Today, street entertainment in the historic neighborhoods of our city often features photo stand-ins with Peter I’s or another figure’s face cut out.


In her project, Dagnini brings together the past and the present, creating a situation where festivalgoers can immerse themselves in an absurd environment and, during their collective meal, feel like the protagonists of some fictional historical era or unfamiliar game.


Dagnini is an artist who works in Petersburg and Moscow. She graduated from the St. Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy and has studied at the Paideia School of Contemporary Art Interpretation and the Pro Arte School for Young Artists. She is a member of the collective BZMST and the artistic duo Averyanova-Dagnini (2006–2015). Since 2015, she has worked under the name of Dagnini, studying the themes of systemic limitations, individual escapism, and the post-internet. She works in drawing and painting, video, performance, and installation.