16 – 30th of September, 2017

Baku, Bayil d.


There is a phrase in Azerbaijani “Qurban olum” which means that one is ready to sacrifice everything for reaching his/her goal. The name of the festival “Urban Olum” was inspired by this phrase and aims to aspire people to shape their city. The festival aims to eliminate gaps by using participatory public art as intermediary between artists and the city residents and to make residents to recognize that they have rights and duties to the city they live in. During the period of two weeks 6 local and international artists will work on their ideas with local communities and Bayil.

Location: Bayil is a settlement of Sabayil district with a distinct atmosphere. Here, old city fabric of the 19th and 20th centuries coexist alongside with the Soviet constructivism, Stalinist Ampire, and private houses built in the last decade. Compact low-rise buildings are located on a steep landscape and different terraces are connected with large number of stairs. These stairs and other public spaces of Bayil are overlooked and neglected but still have a potential for future revival. Artistic projects during the festival are thought to show locals that these public spaces belong to them.


Who can apply: Artists and architects from Azerbaijan 

The most appreciated characteristics for projects:

— research of everyday life of local people

— presenting a new vision of public spaces and proposing potential ways of development and improvement in an artistic way

— offering the local residents of different social groups to participate in development of their district; presenting interests of local people

How to apply: to take part in the festival please fill the application form till 31 August 2017 and send it to

Download the application form: РУСENGAZ

Festival Organizers: PİLLƏ with the support of CEC ArtsLink in conjunction with

Platform Art Prospect

The PILLƏ architecture studio was founded in November 2015.

The team continually conducts architectural research and works on different topics related to architectural practice. As an architectural organization PILLƏ aims to become an alternative local platform, which examines critical architectural and urban problems and seeks optimal solutions for them.  In addition, the team organizes discussions, writes proposals, prepares presentations, exhibitions, and coordinates workshops.