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The Art and Healing is a program conducted in three cities of Russia, namely – Yekaterinburg, Perm and Saint-Petersburg. Over the course of a year three creative teams from each city were working collaboratively with the US artists via the webinars, online discussions and workshops to shape and realize a locally unique project. The starting point of a program was the shared recognition of the importance of rethinking with the artistic means such painful and complex social issues as silenced traumas, the wars’ heritage, migration, a deprivation of certain social groups from the access to culture.  The program was accompanied by the semi-public online educational forum, where U.S. and Russian artists, curators, and educators shared methodologies and techniques to engage diverse audiences, including war veterans, refugees, neurodiverse people and the elderly through a creative process that builds trust, fosters communication and mutual interest.

Read the critical essay about the project (password required).

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