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A hole in the fence. Public Art in Almaty

Sergei Kravchenko (Hutkasmachnaa, Belarus) on the experience of implementing public art projects in the largest city of Kazakhstan

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Imaginary production and the production of the imaginary

Art Prospect Residency participants Maria Vilkoviskaya and Ruth Jenrbekova speak about the Creole Center project

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Civil Protests, Art, and Politics in Kazakhstan

While support for the activists is undoubtedly strong, their actions are not unique: the modern history of Kazakhstan has seen many remarkable protests that employed art and creativity to send a message, argue political activist Galym Ageleuovand art critic Zitta Sultanbayeva

How Roman Sergeevich fed edible poems to the masses

Roman Osminkin on edible poetry, the forced identity of public and urban art in Russia, affects and neighborhoods

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The Art of Listening to Space

“Children occupy the streets” a project by Anna Kurbatova and Irina Aksyonova as part of the Art Prospect Festival in
St. Petersburg (2016)

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Artists are coming to you

Lizaveta Matveeva on public art projects and organizations in New York

#artprospect #festival

From Tactical Urban Interventions to Strategic Ones: Berlin and St. Petersburg

Lilia Voronkova and Oleg Pachenkov on strategic intervention tactics in public spaces in St. Petersburg and Berlin

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