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Interview with artist and curator Kendal Henry

Kendal Henry speaks about the role of public art today

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Almaz Isakov / ContraCultura

Almaz Isakov (Laboratory SI) in an interview with ContrCultura speaks about their research in the Ciocana neighborhood in the Eastern part of Chisinau

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Photographer takes pictures of naked people with physical disabilities: "I have problems now because of this"

Participant of the Art Prospect residence program Eltaj Zeynalov on the representation of people with disabilities

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Bouillon Group: “We want viewers to start asking questions”

Georgian artists speak about the possibility of political expression and the necessity of communication

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Susan Katz: “Art – is a path to dialogue between citizens”

Interview with program director of the Art Prospect Festival, Susan Katz

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“People are becoming cramped within the national framework"

Maria Vilkoviskaya and Ruth Jenrbekova reflect on why the Kazakhstani Creole Center destroys the romantic image of the artist and wants to create myths

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“With such a head it is difficult to live in Azerbaijan.”

Eltaj Zeinalov – photographer with a beard, tattoos, and disabilities

Interview with Art Prospect Residency participant Eltaj Zeinalov

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