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Ukrainian Soviet Photography

Andriy Dostlev examines the problem of the decolonization of Ukrainian vernacular photography of the Soviet period, in particular, during the repressions of the 1930s

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The second issue of Shalazine magazine, focusing on the practice of resistance to normativity, feminism, queer art and activism

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Babushkas (Grandmothers)

Transcript of conversations between artist Natalia Tikhonova and visitors to a social center for senior citizens as part of a research project of the same name

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Not/childrens’ journal

Hybrid, pantomime magazine, “fast-zine”, created by Anastasia Kizilova and designer Ksenia Belaya in collaboration with local residents and visitors of the Art Prospect Festival

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Created as part of a series of master classes by Nini Khuroshvili for students of the ArtEast School, Bishkek

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Tasty Score

Tasty Score is a human-powered drum machine. Tasty Score: Saint Petersburg translates recipes from the Soviet Book for Tasty and Healthy Food into interactive percussion performances

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