Tasty Score is a human-powered drum machine. Tasty Score: Saint Petersburg translates recipes from the Soviet “Book for Tasty and Healthy Food” into interactive percussion performances.

Each player becomes an ingredient and plays kitchen tools. Performance of the score involves 2-4 players who each walk in a track on a 5x5 meter course. The tracks are broken into measured steps. Each of these steps is then broken into 4 beats. The score is written on the course and players strike their instrument as marked beneath their feet. Through movement and active listening players find a shared rhythm.


Kosmologym is an international art collective and game design studio. We use games to playfully explore how we treat each other (human/animal, plant, mineral, institution). Kosmologym started as a collaboration between FUKK & Camp Little Hope to create an exhibition at Den Frie in Copenhagen. The group continues to design games to reimagine the world.




Erik Tonning Jensen is a visual artist and architect based in Copenhagen who works with individual and collective rituals in the relation between art and architecture. His practice stages practicalities and problems in the act of gathering, archiving, and the labour in relocating. His materials are often heavy, appear in large amounts, and the execution situates the work between installation and performance. He is the co-founder of Arkitekturbussen (a small mobile practice centered around a big vehicle), participates in a lot of collaborative work in art collectives, and has done a small handful of solo exhibitions in Norway.




Anne Hollænder works in the intersection between visual art and music. Working with installation, composing, and voice, she works with integrating these art forms into one. Her art practice is deeply rooted in a collaborative process where she uses concepts, body, and performance in the investigation of issues such as inferiority and fragility. Her works have been exhibited at Kultur Divisionen, Utopia School, Sisters Academy and Artoteket. 


Walker Tufts uses research and collaboration to investigate and complicate economics, kitchens, hospitality and domesticity. These complications take the form of kitchen renovations, paired meditations, dinner parties, and games. His work has been shown in MassMoCA, MoMA, and Flux Factory, and he has participated in residencies from St. Petersburg to Green River, Utah.