NO GATHERINGS OF MORE THAN TWO (a play with music for Green screen)

(Russia, Saint Petersburg, Third Place)


This play, performed in domestic space, is composed of a series of mise-en-scènes, each of which takes the protagonists to a real or utopian imagined place of their desiring. Not only are separation, social distancing requirements, and being unable to leave the house the new conditions under which we live, they are formal restrictions on artistic creation that lead this play’s protagonists to deterritorialized dialogues on the future, past, and present. With the help of another indispensable actor, the green screen, our heroes practice teleportation within the bounds of the apartment, attempting to solve the problems they have been burdened with along the way.


Techno Poetry is an interdisciplinary collective whose practice involves various formats: concerts, performances, workshops, lecture performances, and video. The group uses utopian imagination as a method in order to speak from the standpoint of agents of a wished-for future and, in doing so, bring it closer to our present. The collective is committed to feminism, LGBT liberation, and environmental justice. Its members engage in activism and community service alongside their art practice.

Artists: Anton Komandirov, Anastasia Vepreva, Roman Osminkin, and Maria Shamova.