This project is part of a series of works made at the intersection of street art, mapping, and video games. Here, the artist explores urban space and reveals its idiosyncrasies. Material collected over the course of this research then become the basis for site-specific video projections shown on city walls. The projections are interactive and can be controlled by festival goers by means of a special game console. Thus the viewer turns from a passive observer into an active participant in the life of the city, and the city space itself is awarded the status of an artistic statement.


«Saint Petersburg is famous for its classical architecture and facade sculptures, but very often, these objects are in poor and dilapidated condition. Alas, I pay attention to this distraction of the city: crumbling stucco, dirty shabby walls, abandoned buildings covered with grid. However, time is the most ruthless destroyer of cultural heritage, not vandalism or graffiti. Therefore, this facade video game is about the importance of timely restoration and care of the city. The game is a kind of ping-pong: two players control facade sculptures and try to avoid their destruction».

Artist — Vladimir Abikh

Programming — Maxim Verkhoturcev

Producer — Lilia Voronkova

Camera — Emilia Is

Editing — Vladimir Abikh

Music — Office Passenger — Road, GameGate — Number 5

Vladimir Abikh is an artist working at the intersection of various media and genres: street art, intervention, installation, and video. In his works, he explores the influence of the virtual on the real, rethinks the legacy of street art, works with text and language, and analyzes and reveals the inner workings of social and cultural phenomena. Abikh has participated in the Ural Industrial Biennial, the Krasnoyarsk Biennial, and the Artmossphere Street Art Biennale. He is the winner of Portrait Now! and a three-time nominee for the Sergey Kuryokhin prize in the category of Public Art.