It may very well be that on the background of visual noise, billboards and streetlights, city residents won’t notice the strange object that will appear in Podil on the night of September 29–30. The “Witness” will record the history of this public space. Its work with the narrative of the street can be seen on three levels – as mystification, as documentary evidence of the life of the city, and as a chronicle. The “Witness” will demonstrate reality in real time and show it to passersby with a two-hour delay. The video will be edited with generated graphics and displayed on a monitor using TouchDesigner algorithms. You can become a hero or heroine of recorded history by passing into the “Witness’s” field of vision.  


Yevhenii Svystun was born in Zhytomyr and lives and works in Kyiv. He is a student of the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture of Ukraine and a graduate of the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts.