(Montpelier, Vermont, USA)


In any period, particularly in the age of pandemic and social distancing, the front porch serves as an interface between the private realm of an  individual or family  and their  community. It is the space of dialogue between the private and the public. For this reason, we are locating our installation, “Interspace”, on a wooden porch in Northern New England. Our intervention is a structure of wood dowels and stretched fabric tetrahedrons, forms reminiscent of kites, solar sails, and geodesic domes. The primary feeling is one of lightness, which contrasts with the traditional design of the neo-classical porch. Images of materials and objects within the home are projected onto the skin of the installation, fragmented by the multifaceted form of the work. In the placement of this multi-surface installation, our goal is to engage the viewer strolling by, acknowledge their shifting viewpoints as they move through space.

Alisa Dworsky creates sculpture, installations, buildings, drawings and prints. She is interested in how structure and force give shape to form and in the way human beings use geometric systems to order their environments. She has created installations around the United States. Danny Sagan makes buildings, furniture, drawings and sculptures. He is interested in climatically responsive, locally inspired and non-hierarchical methods of design. Dworsky and Sagan received Masters in Architecture from Yale. Together they founded Terra Firma Inc (now DS Architects) an architecture company specializing in super energy-efficient projects. They are based in Montpelier Vermont. ,