(Moscow, Russia)


The whole world has found itself in a new reality, with new rules and expectations for each of us. Everyone is required to wear a mask. This performance is an attempt to explore the problematics of these conditions by leaving behind denial and resistance and accepting things as necessary.


This performance personifies an act of unifying that arises at an intuitive level: occasionally elusive, free-floating in space, impersonal. It will be a construction of and search for perceptions, not of oneself, but of a different sense of shared experience as a spatial field.

Аня М-55.jpg


Anya Molkanova is an interdisciplinary artist and director based in Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts and is now studying at the Studio of Individual Directing (MIR-6). She works in performance and installation, as well as experimental theater practice.