(Saint Petersburg, Russia)


Every story has a drop of truth in it,

Every advert has a pinch of story,

And art today is advertising.

History, dissolved,

Struggles to

Become whole again,

You cannot revive the dead.

Advertising is what’s real

And it (advertising)

Is warm and enticing.

The lichen growth of LED screens,

Revolutionary technology

Of engagement.

Click on the website.

Choose comfort.


APXIV is an international self-organized artist collective (11 residents as of September 2020, located in Russia, Germany and England). Their collective work began in December 2016, when they organized an artist-run space in the building of a former NIIDAR factory.

The members of the collective graduated from the Contemporary Art Institute and Baza Institute. They have organised and run over 30 art events across Russia and Europe since 2017, attended by 50 to 1000 people.

The collective’s membership has varied over the years, the current residents of APXIV are: Anastasia Soboleva, Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva, Vladimir Savostin, Danya Orlovsky, Ilona Vladovskaya, Katya Granova, Lika Gomiashvili, Nikita Kaem, Olga Klimovitskaya, Sofia Ovchinnikova, Ya Nzi.

The focus of the group’s research are: participatory practices, the art of interaction, proceduralism and a very raw space-time foam, in constant flux. A chaotic trembling is generated by the degree of freedom of its bubbles and deforms the field of softly enveloping polyphonic utterance.