(Saint Petersburg, Russia)


The Legends and Myths project is an artist’s introspection on the media landscape of today, which gives birth to many fears and multiplies harmful myths, something that has become especially prominent during the pandemic: from COVID-19-carrying flies, to ginger being declared a cure-all, to dangerous radio signals… In response to ever-evolving conspiracy theories and legends, the artist has shielded herself from the outside chaos by constructing her own mythical reality and creating a protective amulet of sorts, a barrier from the outside world. The artwork itself is a camouflaged installation, created using a tapestry weaving technique with reference to medieval symbolism: the unicorn and winged lion floating on the fifth floor balconies become interwoven with the fabric of the city, protecting the apartment’s castle walls and becoming witnesses to current events.


Daria Taran is an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, working in the mediums of graphic art, embroidery and sculpture. Daria’s projects look at the connection between human needs and current local and global events, as well as their influence on the ever-changing symbolism of everyday things and foods. Daria uses materials to create various modulations, based on an anthropomorphization of reality.