(Saint Petersburg, Russia)


Paths of Attention is an educational program for children and adults of all ages created by practicing educators Marina Shamova and Nadia Ishkinyaeva with the goal of bringing the methodology of critical pedagogy to bear on the field of contemporary art. The project, which takes the form of a teacher/bot in the application Telegram, is a series of interdisciplinary seminars built around three topics (non-judgemental observation, curiosity, and intimacy) and three kinds of activity (movement/dance, action/performance, and creation/art studio practice). Over the course of the festival, seminar participants will do assignments in adult-child pairs, share their feelings and observations, and also reflect on their experience. Depending on the assignment, the participants might go for a walk together, practice automatic drawing, talk about important subjects, or perform a collective dance.


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Nadia Ishkinyaeva is an interdisciplinary artist who works in video and drawing in addition to collaborating with performers and theater directors. She has curated exhibitions and educational programs between art and disability studies. Ishkinyaeva’s work uses a crip-theoretical approach to explore constructions of labor and ability, as well as the labor rights of neurodivergent artists. She is based in St. Petersburg.

Marina Shamova’s practice spans performance, contemporary dance, and art. They teach courses for children and adults, incorporating inclusivity and critical queer pedagogy. Shamova’s projects explore issues of the production of new knowledge, identity, artistic labor, and the private sphere. They are a member of the band Techno Poetry and are based in St. Petersburg.