(Saint Petersburg, Russia)


The Wind Catcher project is the artist’s memory of childhood and an unfulfilled dream of owning a special toy, one that can come to life from a breath of wind and magically refract the world around you, like a kaleidoscope. The installation takes on the form of an oversized toy pinwheel that has been placed on the balcony – that borderline space between outside and inside, a repository of disparate items frozen in time.



Konstantin Novikov is a sculptor from St. Petersburg, a graduate of St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, and member of the Artists’ Union of Russia. Konstantin’s research focuses on national heritage, as well as symbols of Russian culture. His work rethinks national traditions and shows them in a new, fluid form. Possessing an excellent command of all traditional techniques, he experiments freely with materials and angles of object perception. His works allow the viewer to see a familiar object in multifaceted new ways, encouraging them to reflect on the values of modern society.