(Brooklyn, New York, USA)


“I Spy Butterfly” is an installation comprised of found and collected candy wrappers pinched in the center and tied into little bows. These bows are often interpreted as butterflies because of their uncanny resemblance to this enchanting and magical insect. For this ephemeral work, Caldwell will suspend strands of candy wrapper butterflies in the gaps between the original antique 1925 wrought iron fence in front of her house. The suspended candy wrappers flutter like butterflies in flight with the slightest breeze. The work is very ephemeral.  Caldwell found many of these wrappers on the sidewalks of her own neighborhood (or they were collected by her friends worldwide).  She can spy a colorful candy wrapper from 20 feet away; for Caldwell, it is like finding a little treasure. 


Luisa Caldwell is a Brooklyn, NY based multidisciplinary artist working from intimate works on paper to large-scale installation sculpture in the public realm. Recent solo exhibitions include “Curtain Call” at Hancher Auditorium at University of Iowa and “A Cat In God’s Garden” at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn. Upcoming residencies include Brickscape in Charleston WV and Back Apartment Residency in St. Petersburg, Russia (winter 2021). Caldwell’s work has been reviewed by The New York Times, Art in America, ArtNews, The Huffington Post, and Hyperallergic and is in many public and private collections, including Deutsche Bank and Weisman Foundation at Pepperdine University, CA.