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(Saint Petersburg, Russia)


There are some secrets that need to be told, but language hasn’t yet reached the point where it can tell them – which is why it would work better to use codes and games, appealing directly to the senses and affects. For example, we want to have a conversation about depression, because this last year has shown us that depression is not so far off, and it’s time we open the curtains and say something about it publicly. For these three days, we will chat using lamps and Morse code, while you can “eavesdrop” on our conversation from the street beneath our windows.

Anna and Nastya




Setting: two fifth-floor windows

Viewing area: the alley between 25 and 27 Yegorov Street

Telegram channel of the Play in lights


Nastya Makarenko is an artist who deals with issues of friendship and sisterhood, invisibility and ambiguity, boundaries and transitions, tenderness and weakness. Her artistic statements utilize handicrafts, photography, video, and performance. Makarenko is a part-time artist, photographer, member of Nadenka Creative Association, curator at Yegorka Communal Gallery (together with Anna Tereshkina), and NGO worker. She graduated from Event School of Photography and Media Art (Omsk) in 2013 and, in 2017, from the Chto Delat School of Engaged Art (St. Petersburg).

Anna Tereshkina is an artist who deals with issues of family history, kinship, and care, imposture and folklore, passive influence, and horizontal ties. Her artistic statements utilize drawing and printmaking, collage, artist books, sound, and video. Tereshkina’s ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations include the newspaper Nasreddin in Russia, Yegorka Communal Gallery, Shvemy Sewing Cooperative, and the musical duo Red Dawns. She studied art at Omsk State Pedagogical University, graduating in 2008, and at the Chto Delat School of Engaged Art (St. Petersburg), graduating in 2014.

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