There’s us and there’s the sounds surrounding us. What goes on in between?

(St. Petersburg, Russia)


The artist draws on the multitude of sounds that exist within and outside of the House of Culture. What she hears, however, is transformed into a fantastical sound world that exists on the border of the real and the imaginary, with viewers/listeners caught in the middle. On the one hand, the technology used to “free” the sound allows them to hear what was once concealed; on the other, it’s hard to believe this world is real, given that it is inaudible to the naked ear.

Marina Karpova.jpg



Marina Karpova is a composer, teacher, and sound researcher. She studied Music Theory at Glinka Music Secondary School in Smolensk, Musicology at Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory (expelled), and Composition at Saratov Sobinov Conservatory (did not graduate). Karpova has been teaching music theory and giving lectures on music and sound since 2009. She makes field recordings, leads sound walks, plays cello and piano, writes music in code as well as traditionally, and has organized many music and sound art shows and workshops in St. Petersburg. She has written music and done sound design for theater, performance pieces, and videos.