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Masha Kantorovich

The Wind of Change (wind music)

Life has gotten faster. People are increasingly enveloped by outside noise, a series of rapidly changing sounds, pictures that pile up in their memory like garbage.

This meditative street composition in wind is designed to get people to stop, listen to the sounds, and try to distinguish them. What kind of sounds are they? Are they the same? What deep emotions do they evoke? What memories do they remind you of?

Sun Box

Take this installation as a joke. Local residents often say that the St. Petersburg landscape is 50 (or even 500) shades of gray, and the Sun is that “yellow circle in the sky.” We know of it, but rarely see it, which is precisely why city residents love it so dearly.

As viewers peer inside the installation, it’s as if they are immersed in the Sun and become suns themselves. What if the Sun is inside us? It’s worth considering.

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Masha Kantorovich is an artist who lives and creates in St. Petersburg. She studied architectural restoration from 1981–83 at the Leningrad Construction and Architecture Technical School. From 2019–21, she studied Contemporary Art under Avdey Ter-Oganyan at the Sreda Obuchenia School. In 2021, Kantorovich is the recipient of a Frants Art Foundation Grant and is studying at the Chto Delat Vocational Studios of Engaged Art. Solo exhibitions include Pages from a Life (St. Petersburg, 2017) and City Motifs (St. Petersburg, 2015). Kantorovich’s work was also shown at the group show Balloons and Circles at XL Gallery, Moscow, 2021.