New pennant

(Voronezh, Russia)


This series of pennants integrated into the foyer of Kirov Factory Museum of History and Technology embodies an absurdist juncture and clash of eras. New pennants and banners shaped like their Soviet predecessors feature embroidered drawings and texts that evoke early 2000s commercials. Their style and content echo the signs and advertisements found around Gaza House of Culture’s grounds. This piece links the House of Culture’s historical context with its existence today, showcasing the aesthetic changes that the change of historical eras has brought.

FZYsFchqeBw2 (1).jpg



Misha Gudwin practices contemporary art. His career began in 2010 with graffiti writing. He is a graduate of the Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art’s educational program, as well as the BAZA Institute (2021). Artist residencies include the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin and Winzavod Open Studios (2020). Gudwin was one of the winners of NOVA ART, a contest for young artists, in 2019. He is the cofounder of two artist-run spaces, IP Vinogradov (Moscow) and the cultural center Daipyat Gallery (Voronezh). His practice addresses the inherent links between material and virtual objects, exploring the interaction of urban and digital spaces. Gudwin’s works are often based around found urban objects that reflect the industrial face of Russian cities.