The Embassy of the World

Dom 36

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Artist Pasha Cas has a sense that the world is moving towards unity despite surface-level division, splits into “pro-” and “anti-” camps, and the expansion of social media that have sorted people into groups and pushed them apart.

“If you look at human history, we’ve never been as united as we are today, and all these afflictions are just superficial scratches. We have the power to patch them all up and continue working towards unification.” —Pasha Cas

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Internationally active artist Pasha Cas is well known for his far-reaching, incisive works around the globe addressing societal indifference, corruption, environmental issues, and love. In his work, Cas uses minimalist stencil techniques, performance, and video to create street art that reflects current realities and challenges the observer to rethink today’s world. He was awarded the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award for Best Public Art Work in 2018 for his work Happy New Year, Comrades! in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2020, Cas was named one of Forbes Asia’s “30 under 30.”